A Cupcake Maker’s Journal

I know, I know, I was natting a little bit on Horween before but like I said, it is nevertheless a great leather tannery. So for my cousin’s birthday (cum Christmas present too… hopefully) I had a piece of Horween left from my exploits in UK and made a custom notebook for her, complete with Midori inserts.



She makes some pretty awesome cookies and cakes (see more of her stuff here!) and I designed the notebook with that in mind.


The cork lining reminds me of kitchen coasters and the printed flowers are evocative of her very feminine cupcake designs (albeit with a lot less pastel! I left that for the leather cover.)


A pocket with her initials embossed onto the side covers the back. I figure she’d need a place to keep receipts, impromptu recipes scribbled down onto a napkin and what not, so a little folder with a cutout can help hold some of the larger things.


I had a lot of fun thinking about what to stamp onto the Midori inserts. There’s a weekly diary inside, and an “Alchemy” book dedicated to recipes. The other one is for any personal musings or thoughts. H, N and K are the initials of her children and I’ve literally made sure they are always on the back of her mind! I also hope that she’ll use the thoughts insert to keep track of her faith and walk with the big guy.


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