Another Penholder

12234875_10153183061352681_3231201097705620360_n11988671_10153183061382681_6779545218731248470_nMade from the scrap leftover leather from the clutch wallet. I do concede that the stitching could be a little neater, and it does get a little tight for most wide-bodied fountain pens (an Ohto or Pilot Decimo should be fine!), but all in all, the lustre of the leather and cork linings more than make up for the little silly human errors on this one. Goes to show how much more you can accomplish with a good starting point of a solid, quality piece of leather!

This also reminds me of my early days in London spent trying to find and repurpose every bit of scrap leather (especially if it was horween!): a strap or pen loop could be made out of some leftover strips, or a leather amulet could be fashioned with a stamped piece of leather (immensely thankful for the staff at JT Batchelor’s for that one).





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