Christmas straps

On the topic of watch straps, I decided to make a Christmas themed strap using what I learnt from the previous post.

christmas seiko

All in all, I’m happy at how surprisingly well this has turned out. For a piece that was supposed to be half made as a joke, the green threads and maroon pull up leather worked really well. I would attribute it to the rich, Rolex-like pine green of the suede and thread, and the dusty, antique almost brown finish of the leather. In that way a novelty piece became quite a wearable, hopefully well into the new year.

Some stuff I still have to keep in mind however:

  1. Always better to have a long tail end to fold in.
  2. Remember that when you fold over, you don’t lose the 1.5 cm allowance, instead you only lose 75mm! that works out to be a 1.5cm extra in length which may be problematic on deployant clasps, although I’m lucky enough to have a biggish wrist so that was not an issue.
  3. I wonder if tucking a leather ring into the suede lining is possible or will it cause too much of a bulge…

Anyway, here’s a shot of the two christmassy watches. Merry Christmas everybody!

seiko bros 5seiko bros




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