The Hundred Acre Watch Strap


A good field watch deserves a good watch strap to match it, ideally something that can last as long as the watch itself, balance durability and charm, and can take a beating from the elements and yet look better for it.

Introducing the hundred acre watch strap.

I don’t usually get so poetic about design (since my philosophy is that form has to always follow function!) but as I was making this strap I kept daydreaming to a time I spent in Saunderton with some of my oldest friends, getting lost and chasing the daylight through the woods all to culminate in a beer and sandwich at a random tavern.

Made from components sourced all over the world, the dark mahogany of the Horween Chromexcel body recalls temperate forests, hiking trails and hidden paths through the woods as autumnal leaves rustle beneath your feet. The oak Japanese suede, saddle stitched and bonded to the Horween body, recalls both its namesake tree and loamy grounds. The pop of red stitching, sourced from the UK, both secures the end of the spring bar and echoes the red second hand sweeping the face of the watch. Together, they make a perfect accompaniment to an owner and his rugged, trusted timepiece no matter where they go, be it an untrod path through a forest or to his favourite speakeasy.

Another new feature is the X-stitch on the leather band: this stitch allows it to lie flat against the wrist and protrude less against the skin or the watch strap. It’s slightly more time consuming and difficult than saddle stitching one side on top of the other, but the extra comfort and design oomph when you turn it over to discover the x-stitch make it worth it.

Like that Saunderton adventure, these design features could not have come into being without getting lost now and then and learning from experience. Mistakes perhaps make the best teachers, and to look towards the end product negates and neglects the path taken to reach there. So why not celebrate the journey, instead of the end?

Saunderton, November 2014



3 thoughts on “The Hundred Acre Watch Strap

  1. This looks great! Could you tell us a little bit about the clasp as well? It looks really nice and I’d like to know where I could get it as well, or at least something similar. 🙂


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