Passport Holder v8

This is the end result of the pyrography experiment earlier. Recalling the design philosophy of the brand, I embarked on what was probably my most ambitious passport holder yet. The principle structure came from a pouch I saw that was comprised of 2 bifolds; I decided the utilise the space in between as compartments in themselves thereby creating additional compartments.


The inside:

The idea was that each of the compartments would hold different boarding passes and your passport, depending on which leg on the journey you were on. The Veg Tan pocket holds the outbound tickets, and the Horween pocket holds the return tickets. The SIM card compartment was something I found most passport holders to lack, which is a pity especially for seasoned travellers or professionals working overseas away from home. I think it’s useful to keep the SIM card with your passport too; after you take off you can get to changing your SIM card rightaway, allowing you to land at your destination all ready to take phonecalls and communicate. Or, more likely, to check your Facebook account.

I wanted something very functional and almost Ikea-esque in its ease of use. The traveller holding the bag is a little homage to that idea. As for the rest of the words, they are pyrographed in almost entirely freehand.





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