Eponymous Passport Holder (vIX/vX)

After nine versions of the passport holder, I’m proud to have come across a version that reflects the brand’s ethos and stylistic direction. I’m always itching to improve a design, but I don’t think I’ll be modifying this for a while.



It retains the separated boarding pass folders and SIM card compartment from version IIX. Version X keeps the magnetic closures from version II and III but stays hidden behind a brass buckle for a touch of rustic charm (I’m rather proud of myself for that one if I may be so bold to say so!). A full length penholder fits nicely in the middle, along with redesigned card/ticket slot and passport compartment.

Rest assured that your passport is as safe as ever. The flaps from the SIM and coin/cable pocket hold it in place should it fall out; even then, the snug Sonoma pocket keeps the passport well secured enough to pass the shake test.


From an aesthetic point of view, I love the way the midnight navy contrast with the brandy Sonoma inside. The deep blue is evocative of long oceanic voyages, and where the leather is bent under pressure the midnight blue gives way to a temporary burst of turquoise; rather much like lights under a night sky! The Sonoma leather inside is gloving leather usually reserved for high-end bags or clothing; it feels great to the touch, and recalls the days of old where travelling was a long and exciting affair; of the soft leather in first-class train carriages, of driving gloves behind the wheel of a grand tourer, of expensive luggage. The additional cognac folders are, like the midnight navy leather, from an Italian consortium of tanneries (Pelle al Vegetale: look them up!) and bridges the deep cool of the navy with the warm reddish hues of the brandy (Travelling in style has always been accompanied by choice liquors!). On closer inspection, the cognac leather reveals a mottled tortoiseshell pattern shared with vintage reading eyeglasses. Each cut is unique in its own pattern, and no two holders will ever be alike.


It really is the Moon and Sixpence in physical form. With the finishing touches of brass and gold-toned hardware, it is a trusted companion that will just get better and better with age.

Will it fit? #passportholder #moonandsixpenceleather

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So then, a toast to the next journey.




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