Letters to Van Gogh

“Créer c’est vivre deux fois – To create is to live twice” -Albert Camus


I went back to notebook making as a way of dealing with the changes in my life. My humble art has, and always will be, a romantic notion rather than one for profit. It’s my therapy, my salve and my expression.

Anyway…I’ve always had a fascination for Van Gogh. A bottle of Starry Night liquor has sat in my drinks cabinet for the longest time because I could not bring myself to open it, even for the most special of occasions. The brilliant blue contents of this out of production bottle are almost necessary for the Starry Night painting (yes, a painted, not printed, bottle!) to pop, and even more so since some of the colours have faded. Talk about a new dimension to the fluid dynamics of Starry Night!

The tragic thing about Van Gogh was…basically everything in his life. I won’t go into details here but he was a genius unappreciated for his time. How much of it was his own doing/personality defect I do not know, since he appeared to have generated quite an unfavourable response to everyone he crossed paths with. But still, looking past the man to his work, he was fluent in French, English and Dutch and was able to capture fluid turbulence in his paintings (Picasso’s geometry looks almost rudimentary compared to Van Gogh’s Kolmogorov scaling in his works.) One wonders if, in another lifetime, he was the Da Vinci of his world, a prophet of both art and science.

Anyways, I dedicate this notebook to the tragic artist. The navy Tempesti leather with yellow bookmark cord evokes the Starry Night, and the floral cork lining inside represents his Sunflowers. The natural veg tanned pocket inside represents the blank canvas, I’ve yet to stamp the Moon logo on it since the printer’s out of commission for a while. The pocket also lets me keep a cut-down Muji Dotgrid notebook inside; they are cost efficient, are very fountain pen friendly and are sewn rather than staple bound; no more rusty marks on paper! There’s also another paper style with a hidden grid system, for all intents and purposes it is a 6mm lined page but has a series of vertical dots on closer inspection for accurate drawings.

The charms I got from a trip to Cancale (hence the naval theme). The telescope is actually functional and can extend/retract. So is the naval telegraph. It’s on the large and heavy side but makes for nice page holder.

Oh yes, and watch this clip from Dr Who:



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