Jaggers Work Folder

Back from a hiatus. Work has started, making leathercraft chiefly a secondary hobby. A few more items have transpired that lack documentation: a simplified VX passport holder, 2 or 3 pen holder experiments, and the present piece. Seeing as this project took up an entire Easter weekend, it warrants documentation even in the face of a busy work schedule.

Jaggers shares his DNA from the V8 passport holder. The general design remains similar but with added tweaks: the golden knob issue from the v8 has been solved, and there is a greater degree of symmetry in the overall design.


Perhaps what is most obvious from the outset is the access card loop.

A small leather tab holds a retractable card holder in place, making building access possible with one hand. This solves the problems of 1) forgetting to bring the keycard 2) fumbling around the inside of your pocket or handbag for the card and 3) looking like a security guard with the keycard hanging off your waistband, or shirt pocket.

Behind the folder, a masculine handle. Made to fit the palm like a glove, the horween leather feels great against the skin and allows one to operate other equipment while holding on to the folder; no more precarious balancing acts. An added bonus: the folder can be hung from a coat rack or a door handle.


Inside the folder, the biz man makes another appearance, but he’s also accompanied by his after-5 counterpart.

Capacity wise, I’m using this folder to hold:

  1. my work iphone 6s,
  2. clip on sunglasses,
  3. earphones,
  4. USB charging cable,
  5. credit card,
  6. 7 business cards,
  7. notebook, and
  8. 1 pen.

Construction wise, the materials used:

  • Horween Chromexcel body pocket (USA)
  • Vegetable Tanned front pocket (Hong Kong)
  • Sonoma Gloving Leather wire holders (USA)
  • Brass Hardware (Singapore)
  • Polyester Leather Sewing thread (Japan)




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