Sun and Moon Penholders


A belated post from a past project. 2 modified fountain pens (TWSBI Vac700 in amber, modified with a goulet 1.1 stub gold tone nib, and a TWSBI Vac700 in clear, modified with an 18k gold nib or a fine monteverde rhodium nib) called for 2 special homes, and I crafted them accordingly.

Design wise, they feature a solid Horween/Tespesi backing for struture and protection. The front of the penholder is cut from Sonoma gloving leather which feels great to the touch and provides a soft covering for the pen. Sonoma also has a limited capacity to expand, which would allow the penholder to gradually mold to fit the pen’s shape and contours. To counteract the possibility of residual oils from the Chromexcel or the Tempesti damaging the acrylic (definitely affects resin, if I were to put a Mont Blanc in there!) as well as the suede from the Sonoma rubbing off, I lined the holders with cloth. The moon penholder gets a japanese Furoshiki cloth, featuring a bamboo print. The sun penholder is lined with Batik paisley to reflect its more vibrant nature.

Naturally, they feel great in the hand and protect the writing instruments when they get thrown into a bag.


Moon Penholder

  • Tempesti leather (Italy), pyrographed moon in the front
  • Sonoma gloving leather (USA)
  • Polyester thread (Hong Kong)
  • Furoshiki cloth (Japan)

Sun Penholder

  • Horween Chromexcel leather (USA), pyrographed sun in the front
  • Sonoma gloving leather (USA)
  • Polyester thread (Hong Kong)
  • Batik Paisley print cloth (Singapore)

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