UPDATE: Notebook price list & Pop up workshop location

Hi all,

Owing to the influx of custom notebook orders lately, I’ve decided to put up a price list for our notebooks and options.


Here’s the list of Notebook prices (Microsoft excel). In general, the basic option for notebooks will cost $50, with most options adding $20 to the base price. Please note that these are for bifold notebooks: trifold notebooks are only available for Navy and Horween leather and prices are upon application.

Order time will vary between 3-5 working days, depending on the level of customisation. Options such as large scale pyrography project must be accompanied by a picture of design and will be subject to our discretion; as our pyrography skills are admittedly in its infancy, we cannot risk burning highly complex designs.

Also, I’ve started cohabiting the space at Monday’s Off in Haji Lane. I’ll be spending some afternoons (most, though definitely not all) working in the attic space. My cohabitants are my very close friends at the store (do drop by for an eclectic taste of Scandinavian inspired goods and wares!) and Pickjunction, a pop up store in the attic showing Singaporean wares. See you soon!




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